Questions FIAC Bahia 2011 – COALITION, Tristero & Transquinquennal

1. Why does not the play have a director? How did the artists involved in the procress of creation solve the questions that appeared during it?

According to the testimonies of survivors of the Titanic, the lookout gave repeated warnings as to the approaching iceberg. They were consistently ignored by captain Edward J. Smith, who trusted the ship to be invulnerable. This fact, among many others, does not incite us to go on giving full credit to a single chief taking full responsibility for the others.
During the creation and rehearsals of a play there is always a lot of discussion, whether there is a tyrannical director or not. So why bother to have one? All the problems are talked through and discussed, not until everyone agrees, because that never happens, but until the solution has meaning for everyone, even if some don’t fully agree.

2. Is it an artistc choice or is there a political meaning?

Both. But the meaning of such a choice is very different on the different sides of our linguistic border »: the tradition of working as a leaderless collective is more widespread and since longer on the Dutch-speaking side (due to the influence of the Netherlands provos of the years 60) than on the French-speaking side (due to the overwhelming tradition of French theater and French pyramidal way of considering leadership